Vital BMX Explained: Brakes 0

Cables, levers, and the brakes themselves. Watch this and get educated!

Vital BMX Explained: Brakes

Cables, levers, and the brakes themselves. Watch this and get educated!

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/29/2016 1:40 AM

Coco Zurita in Germany

Plenty of style and classic tricks from Coco Zurita as he tears up a rad concrete spot in Frankfurt, Germany.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/28/2016 8:38 PM

Johnny Stevens - 2016 Edit

Vital member Johnny Stevens comes through with 180 whips, fakie trucks, multiple legit freecoaster lines, and much more in his edit for 2016. This is good. You should watch it!

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/28/2016 8:23 PM

Bike Check: Jose Araujo's Division 2 1

Check out Vital member Jose Araujo's bike featuring a Division Spurwood frame laced up with a Colony freecoaster hub, Demolition Rig 2.4 tires, Fiend Ty Morrow stem, and more. This is one street killing machine.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/27/2016 1:03 PM

Isaac Lesser - Getaway Frame Promo

For the release of his signature Mankind Getaway frame, Isaac Lesser traveled to the cities of Sydney, Brisbane, London, Essex, Brighton, and Barcelona racking up a total of 21,000 miles to film this promo edit. Great riding paired with stellar camera work. Hit play!

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/27/2016 2:24 AM

John Manaras - Greece

Raw street moves by Athens, Greece OG John Manaras in the name of Animal. John rules. Greece rules. This is dope.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/26/2016 7:35 PM

Vital Is Hiring: Ad Sales Rep Wanted

We're hiring! Get all of the details inside.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/26/2016 6:42 PM

Chad Johnston - Pegless Flatland 1

Watch Chad Johnston dish out extremely difficult flatland links with no pegs. This is amazing.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/26/2016 5:59 PM

Ola Selsjord in Barcelona

A quick edit of Ola Selsjord hitting up a few street spots and parks in Barcelona filmed by his girlfriend.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/26/2016 5:36 PM

Dan Coller - Kink Titan Frame Colorway Video Part

At this point, it's clear that there isn't any rail setup Dan Coller can't take on. Press play to witness Dan destroy rail after rail with crooks, x-up grinds, and plenty more for the release of his signature colorway available in the Kink Titan frame.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/25/2016 10:57 PM

Nate Wessel - The Most Progressive Ramp Builder 1

Not only has Nate Wessel been an influential pro rider, but he's been a big part in the progression of BMX because of his ramp building as well. Chances are you've ridden a ramp built by him. This piece gives insight into his early days of building Chenga World and the world's first wooden rhythm section to creating ramps for Woodward, Simple Session, X Games, Nitro Circus, and many more.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/25/2016 9:57 PM

Matej Žan - Osijek Park Edit

Matej Žan stops by the Osijek, Croatia park where the most recent FISE World Series event went down. From various freecoaster combos to 900s, Matej brought out both his tech and burly side in this session.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/25/2016 9:16 PM

Scotty Cranmer & Crew Sayreville Session

Scotty Cranmer and his crew drive to the concrete park in Sayreville, New Jersey to discover it has been closed due to construction. Instead of letting it ruin the session, they decided to check off a 20 trick list by riding street spots found in the surrounding area.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/25/2016 8:46 PM

Dan's Comp: Dakota Roche Video

Three minutes of pure fire from one of the best to ever do it. Watch Dakota Roche throw down for Dan's Comp!

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/25/2016 8:10 PM

Kriss Kyle & Alex Donnachie - Red Bull Wallriders

Kriss Kyle and Alex Donnachie jump in a campervan and hit the road hunting down some of the world's most interesting wall ride setups. They start in Edinburgh, Scotland and work their way to Lyon, France. With these two names, you already know incredibly creative riding took place.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/24/2016 7:55 PM

Dakota Bratt - "I Like To Jump Off Roofs & Stuff"

Watch Vital member dakbmx - Dakota Bratt - send himself off of Arizona roofs and over huge fences with truckdrivers, 180 barspins, and more!

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/24/2016 6:25 PM

Jacob Cable Bike Check

Get a detailed look at Jacob Cable's brand-new chromed out Kink and Odyssey setup.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/24/2016 6:07 PM

Ricky Catanzariti - 2015 Instagram Compilation

While healing up from a fractured knuckle, Ricky Catanzariti used his time to assemble his favorite Instagram clips from 2015 into one edit. Have you ever seen a crankflip flair before? I didn't think so. Witness that and much more right here!

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/24/2016 5:49 PM

Chad DeGroot Amongst Intercontinental Ballistics

After flying into Russia and a BMX event getting canceled, Chad DeGroot found himself riding in front of Russian military equipment. Here's some of the moves he managed to make happen.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/24/2016 5:34 PM

Bike Check: anonymous_bmxer's Colony Monash 11 1

Austrialian Vital member anonymous_bmxer has one dialed bike. A trans orange Colony Monash team designed frame, signature Nathan Sykes Locals Only seat, Profile Mini SS cassette, Odyssey tires, and much more. Check it out!

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/23/2016 8:39 PM

Tyler Ellis for S&M

From DIY spots, backyards setups, roof drops, huge stair sets, multiple kinked rails, and more, Tyler Ellis annihilates anything put in his path for S&M Bikes. This should feature more than enough to get you pumped to go ride.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/23/2016 8:09 PM

Joris Coulomb - Maya Grip Promo

Watch as Joris Coulomb combs the streets of France to deliver creative freecoaster lines, precision rail rides, and more in celebration of his signature Maya grip from Shadow.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/23/2016 7:48 PM

Hyper Week at Woodward West

The majority of the Hyper BMX team - Ryan Williams, Ryan Guettler, James Foster, Jake Leiva, Shane Goldsmid, and Jeremy Malott - recently met up at Woodward West and destroyed the place for a week. Watch the highlights!

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/23/2016 5:56 PM

Odyssey Collaborates with Kali Protectives 1

Odyssey has partnered with Kali Protectives to bring BMX a certified helmet that offers plenty of protection while remaining slim and comfortable. Learn more inside.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/23/2016 4:56 AM

Garrett Reynolds - 10 Trick Fix in Shanghai 4

Garrett Reynolds hits you with ten highly impressive tricks and lines in the streets of Shanghai. With no music or extensive editing, this video is raw and straight to the point showing yet again why Garrett is one of the best riders in the world!

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/23/2016 4:24 AM

Josh de Reus - New Zealand Park Edit

Premium rider Josh de Reus fires out a full serving of quality moves at his home park in Cambridge, New Zealand.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/23/2016 12:31 AM

Danny Hickerson - Backyard Ramp Session 1

Somehow this footage of Danny Hickerson shredding a backyard ramp from five years ago slipped through the cracks. It's been quite some time since we've seen the Hickerson name pop up, so this should be a treat for a lot of you. Enjoy.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/22/2016 11:24 PM

Matt Closson and More - Higher Def

Matt Closson and a few of his homies from Vegas have embarked on a new venture called "Higher Def." Peep this to get familiar.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/22/2016 11:12 PM

Throwback: 14-Year-Old Sean Ricany

When watching Sean's mind-blowing clips in the recent Cult / Vans video, it made me think back to his East Coast roots at The Incline Club. Even at just 14-years-old, it was clear that Sean had something special. Throw it back, watch this, and rejoice.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/22/2016 8:04 PM

Mark Webb Video Bike Check

Mark Webb gives an in-depth run through of his entire Total BMX setup he used in his mind-blowing edit from earlier this month.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/22/2016 6:59 PM

Tim Storey & Jayden Fuller for Colony

Watch as Colony's Tim Storey and Jayden Fuller clock in a solid session at an Australian concrete park in Nerang, Queensland. From clicked lookbacks to up rail grinds with double bars out, these two bring a wide variety of moves to the table.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/22/2016 5:47 PM

Gwar-BQ Lake Jumping with FBM

The FBM crew and Gwar fans get together for an evening of lake jumping on bikes.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/22/2016 5:28 PM

Bike Check: p1p1092's Sunday Soundwave V2 1

Take an up-close look at Vital member p1p1092's custom Sunday Soundwave V2 stacked with the latest components from Odyssey, Profile, G-Sport, and KHE. This rig is ready to shred.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/22/2016 12:27 AM

Dorian Coleman - Hectic Epileptic 2

Vital member Southwest 702 - Dorian Coleman - pedals from spot to spot throwing down bunnyhop trucks, a few fakie variations, manual lines, and more to help bring awareness to epilepsy and show he's going to tackle whatever he wants despite having to live with the condition. Two thumbs-up for this.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/21/2016 10:47 PM

Trey Turner in Cincinnati

Trey Turner is always coming through with quality technical lines and that's exactly what he delivers in his newest edit. Watch Trey dish out unique nose manual combos, long ice grinds, and more at some of his favorite street spots in his hometown of Cincinnati.

Posted by Karl Poynter on 8/21/2016 6:10 AM

FISE is Coming to the USA and You Should be Excited 1

FISE has been hosting events in Europe for over twenty years and, in September 2016, it will make its US debut in Denver, Colorado! This is why you should be excited.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/20/2016 4:54 PM